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Promoting the "jewels" of business,  service and servers here in the Permian Basin (west Texas and eastern New Mexico)!

How sweet it is! The absolute Best of the Best in the Permian Basin

A consumer driven site

This site is constantly under construction so please be patient. If you're looking for a "business" you may want to check out our review page and also come back often as we update daily.

Our Mission

After living here in the Permian Basin for 19 years I've come to love her communities and the people and businesses that make up this wonderful area. My friends here are always commenting on the goods, businesses and services that they use. Here a PB & J we want to let the visitors and consumers in this neck of the woods know just exactly who offers the best goods, services and the best of the best businesses. You won't see a negative comment here. If you don't see a glowing recommendation you can come to your own conclusions and use those services "at your own risk". We ask you to let us know if you've experienced a good service, a great waitress, an excellent technician or some other wonderful thing here in the Permian Basin.

We live in such a negative time, that Permian Basin Jewels wanted to focus on the half full side of the picture rather than the half empty one. We hope you will take the time to report somebody for their great work and help us promote the Permian Basin in so doing!

Ambassador: Cerise Welter


A little about me. My name is Cerise Welter, I am a widow, mother, grandmother, and presently a  consumer here in the Permian Basin. I am a writer, blogger, minister, artist, pet owner, driver, barn builder, and a promoter. I'm also a computer and techno geek of the older variety. I had my first computer in the early 80s and presided over the Macintosh Permian Basin User Group for 12 years. I also presided over the Permian Basin Jewels Paper Crafters for 2 years. I love the people of west Texas and enjoy travel. I've been as far away as Israel and Belarus, ministered and vacationed in Mexico and am a natural born promoter. I enjoy playing a couple musical instruments and have helped rebuild the engine in my first car. Like Odessa I am a contradiction in terms. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and love the cultural goodies I found there. I can appreciate gourmet cooking, but also appreciate good down home cooking and do a fair bit of both. I love TexMex, can speak Spanish and Russian and want to die having done everything that is possible. I don't want to create a bucket list because a bucket is too small for what I envision. How about a Electrohaul instead? No, even that might be too small. I look forward to meeting every person that comes across my path because he or she has something special to offer and I might have something he/she might need.


If you've found this site you've been looking for answers to where you might find a good mechanic, great restaurant, the best waiter or waitress, or some other wonderful offering here in the Permian Basin. 

You may even know of a person, business, service or event that is worthy of praise. This is the place to let us know all about it. Please visit our Review Page and give us your experience with the businesses and services you've used and found exceptionally good.

Things to come:

You will want to check back here often. Why? Because this site will be updated as often as possible. Feedback is what we are all about and the more we have the better picture you will have of the companies, people and services available here in the PB! Welcome and do come back ya hear?

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Contact Information

432-550-7642 Please leave a message if no one answers! We're busy connecting with the best of the best all over the Permian Basin. We appreciate your time and consideration and want to help you in any way we can. 

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